Our Team

"You must have good people ..." says the submarine commander ("Ka-Leu") in the movie "Das Boot". Yes, we do have good people.
Thus the Orphée employs chamber maids from Brazil, Marocco, Thailand, Russia and Romania. The cooks come from Croatia and Bulgaria. The helpers are from Vietnam and Turkey. The waitresses come from Poland, Bosnia and the Czech Republic. The bar keepers come from Greece and from Mississippi. The night clerks are from Kashmir and the Kosovo.
A colorful, merry and motley crew - thank goodness. If there were only Germans here it might get a bit boring, might it not?
In the restaurant friendly students from the university join waiters and waitresses who are old hands in their job. After all, a cult venue like the Orphée does need a few ornamental fish. This aquarium swarming with colorful fish is being watched over by a tough management, all female and all German, for a change. They make sure that everyone has enough room to wriggle and no one is thrown to the sharks.

Online booking

  • Hotel: +49 (941) 59 60 20
  • Restaurant: +49 (941) 52 97 7