Grand Hotel Orphée

In May 2005 the restoring of the spacious baroque palazzo in Untere Bachgasse 8 was finally completed. Located on the floors above the restaurant, the mansion houses our Grand Hotel with its 34 rooms.

Many of these rooms have beautiful stucco ceilings painstakingly restored and remade true to the most minute details; in addition you will find antique floor boards and baroque door jambs on three floors; some of the rooms occupy up to 60 sqm or 650 square feet.

All our rooms, including those in the new wings of the Grand Hotel in the huge attic, are furnished most individually and uniquely. You will enjoy, for example, antique furniture, chandeliers, old wardrobe trunks and four-poster beds.

The rooms in the attic on floors 4 and 5 offer a variety of breathtaking vistas over the towers and roofs of Regensburg. Our elevator (lift) can comfortably carry you up – yet not beyond the fourth floor.

Prices ranging from: 105 – 205 €
For booking contact: +49 (941) - 59 60 20 or per E-Mail.

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  • Hotel: +49 (941) 59 60 20
  • Restaurant: +49 (941) 52 97 7